5 Tips To Choose The Right Child Custody Attorney

6 June 2019/Child custody attorney

In the event of a divorce, it is particularly critical to ensure that the children are adequately taken care of. Generally speaking, the consequences of parental conflict tend to have a considerable impact on children. Therefore, it is important to choose a child custody attorney judiciously, keeping in mind the stakes involved. Contrary to what most believe, price is only one of the more immediate concerns.

The following five tips can help you zero in on the right attorney.

1. Go for Experience and Knowledge

As hinted at the outset, child custody cases could be highly sensitive, not only as regards the child but also for the contending parents. Therefore, while looking for an attorney it is important to prioritize experience: whether or not a lawyer is capable of dealing with intricate situations, how grounded and pragmatic his/her strategies are etc. are critical aspects that define the lawyer. Also, a lawyer should have a firm grasp on the legal regulations which vary from state to state.

2. Interview Former Clients

The best way to evaluate a prospective lawyer is to interview his or her former clients. That way, you can rest assured of honest feedback. If you are aware of couples who have gone through similar situations, ask their opinions for suitable recommendations. Apart from that, you also get to have a peek at the approximate service charges if finance is essentially one of your most overriding concerns.

3. Pay Attention to Communication Skills

While looking for a child custody attorney, it is important to keep in mind that you will be spending a considerable amount of time with one.  Given the nature of the case, you must be comfortable discussing intimate issues with the person representing you. As it is, there should be a considerable rapport between lawyer and client. Therefore, it is all the more important to consider whether or not a lawyer has good interactive/communicative skills.

4. Look beyond a Specialist Lawyer

Generally speaking, couples tend to confine themselves to specialist attorneys whose scope of work does not extend beyond child custody. While it is commendable to focus on specialists, there are limitations too. To make it more effective, it is better to go for one who is not only a child custody specialist but is also equally adept with litigation and settlement. In general court proceeding, a lawyer’s settlement and litigation skills play a major part.

5. Price

Lastly, you need to consider the fee structure of the lawyer. Generally speaking, a child custody lawyer will charge you hourly. An hourly-fee structure is typically meant for complicated court battles. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that lower costs do not mean inferiors services. Therefore, the fee structure should be approached holistically.

As mentioned at the outset, child custody battles could have grave effects on the child, if not properly tackled. Matthew Buckley, with his broad-scope industrial experience, is one of the most reputed children custody attorneys in Australia.



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