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Separating is the last thing you would like to experience in your life. However, in certain circumstances separation might be the best way to live a healthy and happy life. In such scenarios, it is wise to secure your future by creating a binding financial agreement that will safeguard your interest in the future. It is also very important when children are involved because it prevents them from being left in a vulnerable position.

I am Matthew Buckley, and I can help you get a binding financial agreement NSW within a short time. Having this agreement done now will secure you and your children’s future by agreeing on terms amicably. A great advantage of this agreement is that it can contain a pre- or post-nuptial agreement. Furthermore, this agreement can take place between married couples as well as between anyone in a defacto relationship. Regardless of the stage you are in your relationship, having a binding financial agreement will secure your assets and investments.

Binding Financial Agreement support for tough times.

Binding Financial Agreement offers a peace of mind. If you need the help of an experienced lawyer, then I can provide you with complete support and guidance by working with you and your spouse to make an agreement that will work in both of your advantages. By getting into this agreement, you will save thousands in legal fees and save yourself from a lot of hassle in the future simultaneously.

A BFA is a written agreement that offers you the scope to select the approach of dividing the property, assets along with financial resources in the event of a separation. In other words, this agreement will prevent any issues that may arise regarding the division of property and assets during a relationship breakdown. Also, it can have specific ground rules stating selling or purchasing the property. A BFA means that you can also avoid any expensive litigation in case of a relationship breakdown.

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