How Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sydney Can Help You

8 August 2019/ Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is very common.  It can leave a lasting impression on the victims of this type of abuse.  If you find yourself a victim of domestic violence, its best to hire a lawyer…

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5 Benefits Of Parenting Agreement In Australia

6 August 2019/ parenting agreement

If you and the other parent of the child are no more together, then it is the best choice to create a parenting plan to organize visitation time and custody. The parenting plan is…

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6 Tips To Find A Good Divorce Solicitor In Sydney

5 August 2019/ divorce solicitors

Getting a good divorce lawyer is not that easy. When you are seeking a separation, you would want a lawyer who specializes in legal separation law. Make sure you hire a specialist and not…

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4 Important Things About Binding Financial Agreement In NSW

30 July 2019/ Binding Financial Agreement

Binding Financial Agreement(BFA) also known as prenuptial agreements. You use them to protect your assets when entering into a marriage or any defacto relationship. The Family Law Act 1975(Cth) details the rules to create…

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Understanding The Nitty-Gritty Of A Parenting Agreement

11 July 2019/ parenting agreement

As the name suggests, a parenting agreement is an informal arrangement between parents to determine the terms that will govern how they will continue caring for and supporting their child/children. Though such an agreement…

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How to Rope in a Better Divorce Lawyer for a Sure Win

10 July 2019/ divorce solicitors

n the course of a divorce proceeding, you may want to change your current lawyer. Changing divorce lawyers is not an uncommon phenomenon. There could be many reasons behind the change, for instance, hasty…

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Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Lawyer For Child Custody

8 July 2019/ child custody agreement

Going through a divorce is quite a stressful and complicated a process. If the split is amicable, then also making the decision of one parent getting the custody and the other getting visiting rights…

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How To Choose An Appropriate Family Lawyer?

25 June 2019/ family law firms

Are you having some legal issues? Are you facing any particular type of violation at your home or your office? If yes, then this is the right time to consult a lawyer. But there…

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5 Tips To Choose The Right Child Custody Attorney

6 June 2019/ Child custody attorney

In the event of a divorce, it is particularly critical to ensure that the children are adequately taken care of. Generally speaking, the consequences of parental conflict tend to have a considerable impact on…

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3 Instances When You Can Go For A Binding Financial Agreement

5 June 2019/ Binding Financial Agreement

If you are looking for a formal binding financial agreement in NSW, you may only be aware of it only briefly, as most couples are. It is a concrete means to ensure convenient segregation…

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Ways To Plan a Parenting Programme With Your Estranged Spouse

30 May 2019/ parenting agreement

While joint custody is a considerable venture to live by, it is critical for both parents to chart out an appropriate schedule which is conducive to the child. Besides complying with the terms of…

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6 Expert Tips To Prepare For Your Child Custody Hearing

30 May 2019/ child custody agreement

If you are involved in a custody fight with your estranged spouse, a court hearing is quite likely. Apart from contending as regards the child custody agreement, you may have to get involved in…

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Tips On Finding A Good Child Custody Attorney

29 April 2019/ Child custody attorney

As it is, child custody proceedings entail severe emotional engagements. Consequently, it is all the more important to hire a good child custody attorney in order to deal with the emotional currents with an…

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Know How To Find The Right Lawyer For You

29 April 2019/ family lawyers in sydney

Generally, the sheer complexity of legal issues merit consultation with lawyers. Lawyers are adept both at providing strategically rich suggestions and dispensing practical solutions. Reputed as one of the finest and most affordable family…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Go For A Binding Financial Agreement

25 April 2019/ Binding Financial Agreement

Across cultures, the pace of divorce rates has been steadily increasing. Consequently, the demand for divorce lawyers has risen considerably, not to mention the intricate technicalities involved. If you are looking for one in…

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5 Reasons For Hiring A Property Settlement Lawyer after Divorce

25 April 2019/ property settlement lawyers

Across the world divorce rates have been rising at a pace still unimaginable in so much as a decade back. Moreover, with the evident rise of breakups, the rather irksome property settlement disputes take…

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Why Is Property Settlement A Better Choice For You?

9 April 2019/ property settlement lawyers

The topic of dividing property is the last thing you would want to discuss with your wife. However, all the couples are not lucky in this world because in some cases it is best…

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What Experts Say On Choosing A Divorce Lawyer?

9 April 2019/ family law firms

Divorce not only affects the life of a husband and wife but also the people surrounding them. In such a situation, the guidance of an experienced lawyer is very important so that the concerned…

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9 April 2019/ Uncategorized

In the case of Wragge & Wragge saw an application by child’s maternal grandparents for a child to live with them. The child's mother opposed the Application and wanted the child to live with…

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Family Lawyer

18 March 2019/ family law specialists

Getting into a situation where you need to hire a lawyer may seem unfortunate but it is something you cannot ignore. So, the best thing you can do is preparing for the upcoming battle.…

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Finding Yourself A Capable Domestic Violence Lawyer

18 March 2019/ Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is a serious criminal offence. Not only that, such incidents are really hard to cope with and forget. Additionally, there is also the requirement of getting the offender punished properly, otherwise the…

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15 March 2019/ Uncategorized

Yesterday I appeared at the Parramatta Federal Circuit Court in a Family Law parenting matter. The mother, who we represented, was presently living in Melbourne and had not seen her 7 year old child…

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14 March 2019/ Uncategorized

You can apply to find out if your current or former partner has a history of violent criminal offences, through the NSW Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS). The NSW Police Force will conduct criminal record checks,…

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2 March 2019/ Uncategorized

Yesterday I appeared in the Federal Circuit Court in Sydney on a matter involving an 'out of time' property settlement. In property proceedings, parties have a period of 12 months post divorce in which…

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26 February 2019/ family law firms

Whether both parents need to approve the change of a child's name depends on the current Parenting Orders in place. If one parent has sole parental responsibility for the child, then that parent can…

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Untold Benefits of Hiring a Family Attorney

12 February 2019/ family law firms

According to the sociologists, a family is a primary unit in the society. In other words, a family is the most significant component that makes up a community. It is because of this reason,…

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Attorney

12 February 2019/ family law specialists

For specific problems in our life, it is wise to take the help of an attorney who will guide us to the desired solution through a proper legal process. Some issues cannot be handled…

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Recovery Orders

7 February 2019/ Uncategorized

Recovery orders can apply where one party has relocated with the children, without the consent of the other parent. I may also apply to cases where a parent has refused to return the child…

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22 January 2019/ Uncategorized

1. Communication is King When you are engaging with a family lawyer. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your family lawyer then you have a problem. 2. Direct and plain english legal advice…

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21 January 2019/ Uncategorized

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Drug Addiction in Parenting Matters

18 January 2019/ Uncategorized

Unfortunately drug abuse is a common problem facing society today. Specifically, the use of the drug known as ‘ice’ has been referred by to as a widespread epidemic. It is therefore quite common for…

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Out Of Love And Into The Poorhouse

18 January 2019/ Uncategorized

The costs of a marital break-up can often be severe especially in circumstances where the parties have been in a relationship for a number of years. Due to the accumulation of assets, parties will…

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House Prices in Sydney Set to Fall

18 January 2019/ Uncategorized

With property settlement matters, often it is the matrimonial home that comprises the greatest proportion of the parties’ assets. In circumstances where a matrimonial home is valued list than when purchased, this can cause…

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Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

17 January 2019/ family law specialists

A family is something that we always put in the first place even before our job. But then a few unfortunate situations may arise which requires you to contact a family lawyer. Here are…

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What are The Situations in Which You Require a Family Lawyer?

16 January 2019/ Uncategorized

Situations like relationship break, marriage break etc are severe issues and require specific suggestions. If you feel any such requirement, you should certainly contact a solicitor like Matthew Buckley who can help you out…

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Percentage Split of Property on Separation

14 November 2018/ Uncategorized

Often when people consider how to calculate a property settlement after a divorce, the assumption is that a 50% split of the assets and superannuation is a fair outcome for both parties, however this…

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Struggles presently facing matters in the Family Court system

12 November 2018/ Uncategorized

Despite an extra $37m in government funding for non-adversarial forums, and a merger of the Family Courts and Federal Circuit Courts, this article outlines the struggles presently facing matters in the Family Court system.…

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