Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Family Lawyer

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Getting into a situation where you need to hire a lawyer may seem unfortunate but it is something you cannot ignore. So, the best thing you can do is preparing for the upcoming battle. The first step will be hiring a lawyer and it may seem simple enough a task from the outset but the reality is quite different. So, before you book a family lawyers Sydney free consultation, it is important to understand what the deal is all about.

Hiring A Family Lawyer

It may not seem obvious but hiring a lawyer is just like buying a product or hiring a service. Additionally, your life or at least an important aspect of it will depend on your decision completely. Hence, it will be for the better to handle the situation carefully. This means the way you hire a service or buy a product, hiring a lawyer needs to be done in the same way. To find a good lawyer, you need to do thorough research of the market, there are multiple options available which can turn out to be rather confusing for the decision-making process. So, it will be better, to sum up your research in a number of questions and then finding their answers.

Questions You Need To Ask

These answers will help you to create the perfect comparison list which in turn can be used to weed out the unnecessary option and find the most suitable choice of the lot. The point that will help you in this context are:

  • Experience of the potential lawyer, especially in the matter you are concerned about.
  • The years he/she have been actively practicing.
  • Clear information about his/her track record and success rate.
  • If the lawyer’s experience and background compatible with your case and legal needs or not.
  • The percentage of caseload dedicated to deal with the kind of problem you are dealing with.
  • Whether they have any special certifications or degrees or skills.
  • The fee they charge and the way it has been structured.
  • Whether they have malpractice insurance or not and the amount of that insurance.
  • Whether someone else is going work on your case and if yes, then what their fee will be.
  • Whether they outsource any section of their tasks or not.
  • If there will be any additional fees and charges to be paid or not.
  • The frequency with which you will be billed.
  • Whether reference from other clients is available and accessible to a potential client or not.
  • Whether there will be a written fee agreement or representation agreement.
  • The way they will be informing you regarding the development of the case.
  • Whether the lawyer has been courteous, prompt and clear with the answers or not.
  • If you are comfortable working with the lawyer or not.

To Conclude

When you have a satisfactory answer to the above-mentioned questions, it will be possible to rightly justify that the professional in question is capable. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to compare the potential lawyers and then choose the most suitable of the lot. In short, this way, you will be able to select the family lawyer to help you at the time of need.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Attorney

Family Law Specialists Sydney

For specific problems in our life, it is wise to take the help of an attorney who will guide us to the desired solution through a proper legal process. Some issues cannot be handled by everybody, but an experienced attorney can help you in coming out of that situation by contesting the issue in the court. The general problem where the need of a family lawyer comes in need is custody of children or parents, a division of assets, debts and many other things.

In that case, Matthew Buckley describes the different things we need to keep in mind when choosing a family attorney in the current times.

How to find an attorney?

If you are searching for an attorney, then the best thing would be to ask your friends and neighbours for referrals. If it is a family problem, then make sure to ask about the reputed family attorney in your area. References are a great idea to find the best lawyer in any field. Furthermore, discussing with others who have hired an attorney before will help you to know about the quality of the person in handling legal problems. Also, searching online is also a great idea to find family law specialists in Sydney. In the current times, every attorney has their website so that clients can find them on the internet. Exploring the sites of the advocates will give you an idea regarding their qualifications as well as their practice areas in the field of law.

Things you should look for in an attorney

Whether it is criminal, civil or family matter, the experience is one of the main things that highlight a lawyer from the rest of the others in the industry. Especially in dealing with sensitive issues like divorce, custody, assets and others, the experience is a crucial factor that can help in taking promising steps to win a legal battle.

At the same time, it is vital to have an agreement with the lawyer regarding the way you want your case to be handled in the court. However, it is not always necessary to litigate the issues because some matters can be settled outside without going to the court. Therefore, you need to observe whether an attorney is just interested in litigating the problems or the person is offering you the different possibilities of solving the matter outside. It is also essential to inquire whether the lawyer is experienced in dealing with family matters or he is new in this field. Also, the regulations and laws change frequently, which means you need to talk with others lawyers simultaneously to get an idea about who is more updated with the current rules and who is not.


Some attorneys offer free consultation while some others charge for their time. In that case, if you are searching for family lawyers, Sydney free consultation then make sure to know about whether the attorney charges for a visit from the potential clients. Nonetheless, it must be understood that charging more consultation fee does not make a lawyer better than someone who charges minimal amount or does not charge at all.

On a concluding note, don’t be afraid to ask any questions that come to your mind. It is natural that you might ask a foolish question because you don’t haven expertise in this field. Here, the responsibility lies with the lawyer to guide the potential client in the right direction so that the case will go in your favour.

Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

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A family is something that we always put in the first place even before our job. But then a few unfortunate situations may arise which requires you to contact a family lawyer. Here are some of the common reasons, or life occurrence that needs the help of a family law specialists in Sydney. Here are given some of the few reasons to consult a reputed lawyer like Matthew Buckley.


Divorce is something that many of us has to face nowadays. It is one of the most painful processes which can also have a massive impact upon your emotions. As the divorce rates have gradually increased in the few past years, people should certainly consider taking professional help when they are on the verge of taking a divorce.

Here are the few points that a family lawyer can help you out with during a divorce:

To fight for rights over marital property.
To fight for the rights of children.
To understand that the child would be taken proper care after a divorce and the other parent would not exploit the system.
If you are facing any serious issue, then the lawyer would help you out by standing on behalf of you and fight for your rights.

Child adoption

Where divorce can be a heart wrecking incident, adoption can bring joy and happiness to a family. There are many children those who are unfortunate and have no parents. People who want to adopt, need the help of a proper lawyer, who can assist by providing the required information. Availing the service of family lawyers in Sydney for free consultation can be beneficial for those who are in dire need of legal assistance.

A family lawyer would help by providing the necessary papers of the legal documents that are required to complete an adoption process. Again if a child is facing any bad situation while staying with the biological parents, a lawyer can help by preparing the necessary documents to save the child from such a harmful condition and shift him or her to a better place.

Child support

Children need protection and support from within the family and also from the society. A family law specialists would provide the necessary support that your child requires. Availing child support is a big deal as these are a little bit complex process and that is why availing the assistance of a lawyer is going to help you out in many ways.


This is another important aspect that requires legal assistance. An authorized person will fight to attain the rights of:

Joint custody
Temporary custody
Sole custody
Split custody

The lawyers have all the information and the limitations of all the different types of custody. That is why they can analyze the case and help you out by estimating what the court is going to decide. And thus availing a renounced lawyer is going to help. He can provide information on the possible determinations and negotiations.

Thus these are some of the reasons to hire a family lawyer.