Child Recovery Order

A legal solution to child recovery

Child recovery becomes necessary when one parent relocates to a new address after separation with the children without any agreement with the other parent. In such scenarios, the other parent is entitled to apply for Recovery Order under VII of family Law Act 1975. Hence, the Court can put the order to return the child to the parent as well as prohibit the parent from possession or removal of the child.

I am Matthew Buckley, and I have been guiding separated parents who want to explore the legal options to have their children returned to them. As an experienced child custody lawyer, I will listen to all the grounds you have to seek a child recovery order in the Court. Furthermore, if you are concerned that your spouse will make every attempt to take your child far from you, then I will be able to help you in the following appropriate ways.

  • Take the necessary legal steps to stop the removal of the child from the state or Australia.
  • Get an urgent order so that the Family Court can hold the child’s passport as soon as possible.
  • Communicate with the local police to prevent the parent from taking the child out of Australia.
  • Provide legal advice to the parent when the child has been removed from Australia without any consent.

Already relocated without consent

There are occasions when a single parent has no options left other than to relocate with the child without any agreement with the partner. In such circumstances, you may be ordered by the Court to get back with the child if there was no consent to leave along with the children.

Nevertheless, if mental or physical abuse has led you to relocate with your child, then it is important to take legal steps before the situation worsens. In the current times, there are parenting orders, and you might find yourself breaking any of those parenting orders unknowingly. It can lead to receiving penalties like fines and bonds of good behaviour. However, if you wish to relocate with your child but your partner won’t agree to it then you can apply to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia with the help of a lawyer for Parenting Orders so that you can move out to your desired location.

It is natural that parents who find themselves in such difficult situations can take a wrong step out of confusion. Being a respected lawyer, I can assure you complete guidance and support regarding your child recovery as fast as possible. At the same time, if you are not sure where your spouse has relocated with your child then I can help you in applying to the Court for a Location, Commonwealth Information or a Publication Order from the Court to help in locating your child.

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