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Legal solutions to domestic violence

It is a criminal offence when one of the two people in a relationship abuses the other person physically. Many times the victims of domestic violence do not come forward with their problems because of certain emotional factors. However, if you are a victim of physical abuse or you have been falsely blamed for domestic violence, then I urge you to come forward with your problem.

My name is Matthew Buckley, and I am a legal specialist when it comes to offering justice to a victim of domestic violence. Also, I find myself equally responsible for proving the innocence of a person who is falsely accused of domestic violence. Being a reputed domestic violence lawyer in Sydney, it is my obligation to guide you in circumstances when you are caught up in a complex situation of domestic violence.

Forms of domestic violence

  1. Emotional violence that is unnoticeable but it mentally damages a person with the passage of time.
  2. Physical violence where one of the two people in a relationship physically and sexually abuses the other person time after time.
  3. The economic form of violence occurs when one person deprives the other person of making independent financial decisions. It also means not giving money to the other person when they require money.

Today, domestic violence is a common occurrence in Australia. Hence, if you find yourself entangled in such situations, then it is necessary to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. As an experienced solicitor, I can guarantee you of complete legal support and guidance so that you can come out of this difficult circumstance courageously.

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