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Hi, my name is Matthew Buckley, and the family dispute is the area where I have been delivering fast and effective solutions to my clients for a long time now. Associated with one of the top family law firms in Sydney Thexton Lawyers, I have been successful in making a fantastic career in this field.

At our first meeting, I will listen to your current situation and the reasons that have led you to find me. As accredited family law specialists in Sydney, I will recommend the best ways to approach your matter and offer you advice regarding the possibilities that can come out in your favour. During the first free consultation, I will also give you a clear idea in regards to the costs that will come into account if you decide to proceed further with your case.

After our first consultation, I am sure that you will find yourself better informed regarding your rights and the scopes of claiming what is yours legally. You can also contact me online for legal advice on a wide range of family law matters. Also, find out the ways by which you can apply for divorce. Being an experienced family lawyer in North Sydney, I can assist you with your problem.

If you are searching for affordable family lawyers in Sydney, then you are looking right at the person who has been solving family issues for many years. My goal is to offer you the best legal services possible.

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