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Hi, my name is Matthew Buckley, and the family dispute is the area where I have been delivering fast and effective solutions to my clients for a long time now. Associated with one of the top family law firms in Sydney Thexton Lawyers, I have been successful in making a fantastic career in this field.

At our first meeting, I will listen to your current situation and the reasons that have led you to find me. As accredited family law specialists in Sydney, I will recommend the best ways to approach your matter and offer you advice regarding the possibilities that can come out in your favor. During the first free consultation, I will also give you a clear idea in regards to the costs that will come into account if you decide to proceed further with your case.

After our first consultation, I am sure that you will find yourself better informed regarding your rights and the scopes of claiming what is yours legally. You can also contact me online for legal advice on a wide range of family law matters. Also, find out the ways by which you can apply for divorce settlement. Being an experienced family lawyer in North Sydney, I can assist you with your problem.

If you are searching for affordable family lawyers in Sydney, then you are looking right at the person who has been solving family issues for many years. My goal is to offer you the best legal services possible.

Prepare for a Consultation with a Family Law Lawyer.

An initial consultation is an attorney meet with prospective clients. There is always the first meeting between you and a lawyer that can help you both decide whether you want to work together and establish an attorney-client relationship. This is the point, where you both keep checking each other out in order to get information and share advice that can help you with your case.

Initial Consultation.

The consultation can be formal or informal but whatever type it may be, it is important that you come prepared in order to make the best use of the time and money you have. There are several tips about what to do before meeting the family law lawyer for the first time.

Steps to follow to consult a lawyer.

Similar to the steps you follow before going to a doctor that is as you write down any questions you have so that you do not forget to ask them to the doctor. While consulting a family law lawyer you should do the same. You should bring a notepad to take notes and answers to the question you have so that you have a convenient place to write down the lawyer’s answers.

You may also write something you have to tell your family law lawyer. Remember, the lawyer should keep your information confidential unless it is required to share the information with a court and that the information is relevant to the legal matter or with law enforcement of your hearings. You should not feel ashamed to share any kind of information with your lawyer as it is necessary to tell each and every information of yours to him so that he could represent you better in the court. He gathers all the documents from you that he thinks might be relevant.

This includes everything that has you have filed in any court and relates to the matter on which you seek legal help. If you don’t have any court papers, you may have or could readily obtain documents that would help you in your court hearings. These documents may include your birth certificates, your marriage certificates or your marital status information, your cell phone, your texts, emails, photos, audio recordings, or videos.

You will be asked to make a set of copies for every document and information that you like to share with the family law lawyer. You should give the family law lawyer all the copies at the beginning of the case. Some lawyer do not accept original documents as they don’t find it safe, some family law lawyer makes a copy of your document themselves and return your original document. For such cases, you can even fax your documents to the lawyer’s office before the meeting. It would be better if you email the.

Remember to use any digital way in case you go for payments to your family law lawyer. In case you use a debit card to ensure that you have your record in your check books. Preferably do not use cash as it has no proof of your payment. It would be better if you have a friend or relative to your first consultation. If you find it comfortable in bringing a friend or relative.

But you should realize that any lawyer-client should be confidential otherwise the purpose of the meeting is lost if a third party, including your friend or relative, is present. He or she who is present as the third person, they could even be subpoenaed to testify against you about what was said or heard. It is usually for your benefit if you meet with the family law lawyer alone, even if the third person is paying for the appointment. Your friend or loved one can wait in the lobby while the meeting proceeds.

To avoid interruptions or any kind of delay, you should be sure to turn off all your cell phones, other electronic devices before your meeting with your family law lawyer.

The tips mentioned above will help ensure that you have the best first meeting with the family law lawyer and then start with a good working relationship with your family law lawyer and proceed with the case.

Before having a consultation with your family law lawyer, you need to find a family law lawyer who might fit well with your case and your proceedings. Look for a family law lawyer who focuses on his or her practice on all your legal question, or someone who has the best legal remedies to your case and there working. If you have hired a family law lawyer in the past for something else, it would be a better option if you ask them for a referral. It is also helpful to ask family and friends for any kind of suggestions regarding the family law lawyer. There is one major thing that is necessary if you hire a family law lawyer.

Background Knowledge of the family law lawyer.

When you have your own family law lawyer for consultation, one of your primary concerns will be about the family law lawyer’s background. Some people may feel intimidated asking about their past, but the truth is you are going to pay money for their services. For reference, you wouldn’t hire an electrician who had never done wiring, as you may feel unsafe with them. So it is never wrong to ask questions about the family law lawyer’s experience.

You may find out basics on the family law lawyer’s official website before the appointment, this saves your time. You may want to ask questions to the family law lawyer relating to the number of cases they have fought similar to yours. For example, how many divorces did your family law lawyer fought?

This may tell you whether the family law lawyer is experienced not. If the family law lawyer hasn’t fought for more than one or two cases then the family law lawyer may not be well experienced.

This is important as an experienced family law lawyer would have familiarity with the court proceedings and the judges of the court. It is not necessary to ask a family law lawyer about their law school if they have a well-experienced past.

Since you can find information about your family law lawyer through online information it may often tell you things not useful anyhow. You should focus on the experience of your family law lawyer with your type of case.

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