How to Rope in a Better Divorce Lawyer for a Sure Win

10 July 2019/divorce solicitors

n the course of a divorce proceeding, you may want to change your current lawyer. Changing divorce lawyers is not an uncommon phenomenon. There could be many reasons behind the change, for instance, hasty appointment, dissatisfaction with suggestions regarding the child custody agreement, or lack of sufficient personal rapport.

If you are looking for better divorce solicitors in Sydney, you need to be aware of a few basic criteria.

Do not abandon your current lawyer before hiring a new one

It is essential to be backed up by a legal representative. Therefore, while looking for a new solicitor it is important to retain your ties with your present lawyer. Also, make sure to sign a contract between you and the new attorney. At the same time, since you have left in the middle of case, it is important to inform the new lawyer about the upcoming dates and hearings: in short, the status of the schedule.

End your engagement with your current lawyer

Having found the new lawyer it is time to formally put an end to the current relationship with your present attorney. There could be many ways of brig it about. You may convey it in person or write a formal termination letter. However it may be, the letter is the most crucial aspect. It should be composed clearly stating the reasons behind the termination along with the name and details of the new lawyer. Additionally, you may issue a request to relay your case materials to the new lawyer for perusal and consideration.

Make sure to obtain copies of outstanding bills

Before abandoning your attorney it is important to ask for copies of all the outstanding bills. Besides, you also need to verify your balance and ask specifically about the date of receiving the balance, in case you have shelled out an initial amount.

Ensure your new lawyer has your case materials

Naturally, in order to engage with your case your new solicitor would require the case study. Besides, since you are leaving midway, it is all the more important. However, you may be charged a fee for transferring your case materials. Make sure that the new lawyer can peruse your case elaborately. Besides, copies any other document that you may have submitted to the Court should be presented to the new attorney. Similarly, you must keep in mind that your previous lawyer may only issue those documents as are already filed with the Court.

File the ‘Entry of Appearance’ with the Court

The Entry of Appearance is a crucial document which informs the Court that you have changed your lawyer representing the case. Put simply, it is nothing but a formal notification forwarded to the authority. In case of a mediator, ensure filing a copy of the document. Also, make sure to send a copy of the agreement to your spouse’s lawyer too.

To change your divorce lawyer may be challenging. However, for the sake of the speedy resolution of the case it is better to go for a better representative if you are not already content with the existing one.

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