Parenting Arrangements

26 September 2018/

Children of separating parents face enormous anxieties and adjustments. Their family’s lives will be significantly disrupted, so to minimise the impact, resolving the future parenting arrangements for them ought to be given careful consideration.


The main focus when determining future parenting arrangements for children after separation should be the needs of the children. It is the right of children to have a significant and an ongoing relationship with both of their parents, unless it is contrary to their best interests.


There is no legal requirement for separating parents to obtain parenting orders to deal with the arrangements for their children.  Many separating parents are able to work out between themselves what the future arrangements will be for their children, and make those arrangements work.


In circumstances where you and your former partner agree on the future arrangements for your child/ren after I can assist in drafting and advising on a parenting plan, or preparing consent orders which are required to be approved by a court. These agreements include issues such as where children will live, and for how long they’ll be with each parent.

If an agreement cannot be reached, there is a legal requirement to at least attempt to resolve the differences through mediation. There is a variety of different mediation service providers available in the community. These include the government funded Family Relationship Centres and also private mediators. I can assist you in negotiating or mediating any disputes at hand, or if required, represent you in Court.

As there are numerous significant issues to consider when making decisions in the best interests of your children, I can advise on how the law applies to your matter and the likely outcome of your dispute.

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