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Hi, my name is Matthew Buckley and being a child custody attorney, I will make sure to negotiate the terms on your behalf when making the parenting agreement. My main role will be to create a plan that is comprehensive and assist you with parenting arrangements for your child.

It is natural for any parent to feel confused while facing a child custody situation. People can sometimes take irrational decisions which can also lead to dangerous consequences. In that case, hiring a child custody attorney is very important to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible both for you and your children.

Parenting agreement

 A parenting plan is a good form of child custody agreement. Being an experienced lawyer, I make sure that the parenting plan is detailed as required. The main aspects of a parenting agreement should involve the points highlighted below.

  • Ways to take decisions.
  • Process of communicating with the other parent.
  • How to manage disagreements?
  • Schedule of child visitation

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