4 Important Things About Binding Financial Agreement In NSW

30 July 2019/ Binding Financial Agreement

Binding Financial Agreement(BFA) also known as prenuptial agreements. You use them to protect your assets when entering into a marriage or any defacto relationship. The Family Law Act 1975(Cth) details the rules to create…

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3 Instances When You Can Go For A Binding Financial Agreement

5 June 2019/ Binding Financial Agreement

If you are looking for a formal binding financial agreement in NSW, you may only be aware of it only briefly, as most couples are. It is a concrete means to ensure convenient segregation…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Go For A Binding Financial Agreement

25 April 2019/ Binding Financial Agreement

Across cultures, the pace of divorce rates has been steadily increasing. Consequently, the demand for divorce lawyers has risen considerably, not to mention the intricate technicalities involved. If you are looking for one in…

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