Understanding The Nitty-Gritty Of A Parenting Agreement

11 July 2019/parenting agreement

As the name suggests, a parenting agreement is an informal arrangement between parents to determine the terms that will govern how they will continue caring for and supporting their child/children. Though such an agreement is normally applicable for divorce scenarios, it is often used for separation as well. Parents are also encouraged to make this pact after meeting in person and in writing instead of trusting verbal communication.

Getting a Clear Idea of the Subject

Under the Family Law Act, both parents are expected and encouraged to cooperate and find a middle ground which will be most suitable for them and the well-being of the child/children. Having a good parenting plan will help the child/children adjust better to the new circumstance and not thwart their growth in any way. If you are finding the process of creating the pact complicated or are unable to come to a resolution with your ex-spouse, then seeking professional assistance will be smart.

The Legal Side

An attorney with family law such as Mathew Buckley with the required specialisation will be able to help. He/she can quite easily talk to your ex and you to find out the common grounds and then create something which will be acceptable to both parties. Cooperating and creating the agreement will help you to avoid disagreements and lengthy court battles as a result. In short, it will be a wise decision.

Points You Need to Include

It is quite natural that you are having multiple questions regarding the subject. One of the most important questions in this regard will be clauses and things to include in the agreement. The information that is a must in the pact are as follows:

  • Who the child/children will continue to live with?
  • In the scenario with multiple children, whether they will stay with one parent or be shared and if so, then in which order?
  • A parenting time schedule that will be followed.
  • How parenting responsibilities will be shared?
  • How they are going to make the decisions for and about the child/children?
  • What activities will be managed by which parent?
  • In which pattern the parents will attend the important events in the child’s/children’s life?
  • Ample space and opportunities in the plan and schedule to introduce changes as the child/children require.
  • Ways for resolving disputes and coming up with solutions as and when required.
  • Proper arrangements for holidays, school breaks, birthdays and other such occasions.
  • Financial arrangements for the child/children.
  • Time and occasions the child/children will spend with others including grandparents, relatives and extended family.
  • The mode of communication between the parents regarding the child/children.
  • Stipulations and provisions regarding the method in which the parents will provide for and care for the child/children.
  • The ways in which the child/children will keep in touch with other people while they are living with one parent or the other.

Factors You Need to Remember

Along with knowing what to include in the parenting agreement, you also need to know about the points to remember while creating the pact. It will make the process simpler to handle and the outcome will be more to your liking. Those points are:

  • In this agreement, there won’t be any information regarding the way your assets, cash, home or any other valuables will be divided. (That will be the concern of property settlement)
  • With changing circumstances, you need to keep on changing the plan to accommodate the needs of the child/children.
  • The pact should be written and signed by both the parents it should be free from threats, coercion, and pressures.
  • It is possible that despite the agreement one of the parents ends up disregarding it. In such a situation, there are legal ways in which the matter can be handled.

After having the relevant and helpful information, you will now be able to handle the subject of parenting agreement with ease and effectiveness.

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